Since I was a child I have had the need to express the creativity that I felt inside me.

Enjoying, experimenting with materials and color combinations, has always been my passion.

After learning and working for a few years in goldsmithing, I tried the fusion of leather with stones, crystals and metal. The result seemed fascinating to me.

I thought that the world had to see my pieces and thus Lalaeuno was born.

my sources of inspiration

I have always felt very identified with nature; in it you can see the great combination of colors and shapes through all its seasons, thereby creating the most beautiful magic that can awaken all our senses and sensations such as loving, living and dreaming.

I passionately enjoy everything I do, my main motto is; "Feel beautiful and that's how you will be" , and that's how you will show it to the world.

Since I was a child I have had the need to express the creativity that I felt inside me.


The style that I feel most identified with and it is the one that I mainly base myself on to create all my jewelry, is the boho chic style.

A style that evokes the wildest and purest nature through its colors and shapes combined with other styles belonging to the urban world; in order to give them strength and break all the rules, but always providing that chic and elegant touch.

The boho chic style is what gives us that joy of living, together with the feeling of freedom, finding its most perfect result in jewels full of magic, strength and power.

Our goals and values

I have created each piece for a woman, above all, who is very sure of herself, with a very defined character and personality, but at the same time a dreamy, sweet woman, and with enough energy to face the challenges that the day presents. a day.

A woman who knows the style she wants to project and knows exactly what she wants to say about herself.

Our main purpose is that our jewels adapt perfectly to you, to your looks, with the aim that you live passionately all the moments of your life.

We want to highlight the role and function that jewelry and accessories can play when defining the style of each woman.

Do you have an event coming up soon? Have you bought a simple outfit and want to complement it with some outstanding jewelry?